7 Top Offline PDF To Word Converter For Windows (Free Download Included)


As a Windows user, you’re most likely familiar with Word. Converting PDF to Word, therefore, is a viable option if you want to edit documents. There are PDF editors available; however, editing from Word is easier and faster. Therefore, having a PDF to Docx converters might come in handy.


Choosing the best however might be a hurdle for some. Not all conversion software is free. More so, for the free versions, they’ll have some limitations, thus forcing you to purchase a premium variant. To avoid overspending on PDF to Doc converters, you need to choose carefully.


This guide is meant to show you the best software to choose for your PDF to Word conversion needs. It entails both free and paid software. Therefore, there’s everything for everyone. The software listed below will be suitable for professionals and content creators. These are the best 7 PDF to Word converters to use on Windows.


WPS PDF to Word Converter


PDF to Doc conversion is essential for professionals. It allows you to edit any PDF document easily in Word format. More so, you can choose to revert the edited document to a PDF. With WPS, you’re able to complete the entire process swiftly. WPS is simple to use, and the UI is customizable to your liking.


WPS PDF to Word Converter provides you with the best batch conversion features. You can opt to convert a single document, multiple documents and even choose the pages that you’d like to convert. This in return saves you time since you don’t have to sort through the converted documents.


For a professional, this makes your work easier. Besides, you get to be more productive. WPS supports almost all the current Windows versions. That is, Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. You also can try it out for free or purchase the paid version for $29.95.



  • Batch conversion
  • Latest Docx support
  • Relatively cheap compared to the competition



  • Limited functionality


Icecream PDF Converter


Converting PDF to Word is a simple process with the correct software. Icecream is amongst the best software to use for this process. Upon installation, you get two options. The first being from PDF conversion and the latter being to PDF conversion. It’s as simple as that, and any user will convert a PDF to Docx easily.


When you choose the “from PDF” option, you get all the information regarding the PDF. This entails the page numbers and also the name. Here, you’re able to choose whether you’d like the document to be split or whether you want to add a password. Batch conversion is also supported with Icecream.


Therefore, for new professionals, you don’t have to worry about the interface. It’s simple to use and everything is indicated. Besides, you’re able to choose which folder to store all the PDF documents you convert into Word.



  • Simple UI
  • Password protection for documents
  • Edit to and from PDF



  • Page limitation for free users


Nitro PDF to Word Converter


For all business professionals, Nitro is focused on ensuring that you have an easier time converting PDF to Doc. It has an intuitive user interface which allows you to create and distribute documents without a hitch. More so, the editing features ensure that after you’ve converted the PDF to Word, you can input or deduct any information.


Besides this, Nitro allows you to choose the different pages that you’d like to convert. In return, you’re able to complete the conversion process quickly. The batch conversion will ensure that when you’re dealing with multiple PDFs, you’re able to convert specific pages into one Word document.


On the other hand, the UI is set to complement the latest versions of Microsoft Word. Through this, any user will be able to comprehend how to edit a PDF. Likewise, you’re able to run the software from any Windows software. This includes Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.



  • Batch conversion
  • Intuitive UI
  • Precise tutorials



  • Lacks web optimization


Soda PDF Pro

Soda PDF Converter_4

One of the things that you’ll always notice with any PDF to Microsoft Word converter is the interface. Soda PDF aims at giving you the best first appearance. The software is modern, and it has an easy to navigate UI. Besides all the beauty, you’re also provided with a variety of essential functions — the main one being able to convert PDF documents to Word.


Office conversions are essential especially when you’re replicating documents for multiple people. Having the documents in Word format makes it easier for changes to be made. More so, it’s more secure and you can nowadays read Word documents from any device.


Why Soda PDF? Well, it gives you value for your money. Besides being able to change PDF documents to Word, you can revert these changes. The ease of converting a Word document back to PDF ensures that you can make any changes you’d like and secure the work. This can either be through a password or even a signature.



  • OCR support
  • Has support for PDF to Word and Word to PDF
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple language support



  • Online support isn’t swift


TalkHelper PDF Converter


For both free and paid PDF to Microsoft Word conversion software, you need to ensure that you have a great experience. TalkHelper stands out because you’re able to attain precise information on how to use it. The tutorials are simple to understand, more so, they’re available upon installing the software and also online.


Besides this, having software that quickly converts PDF documents should be another factor to consider. Converting PDF to Word might take a while depending on your PC. With TalkHelper however, since it supports even the older Windows XP, its optimized to work swiftly with all operating systems.


Online support is another reason for choosing TalkHelper for all your PDF to Docx conversion needs. You can use either Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Through this, you can store all the files you convert online without worrying about the space. More so, if you have any PDF documents in these areas, TalkHelper will pull them automatically for Word conversion.



  • Cloud support
  • Clean UI
  • Older Windows support
  • Precise tutorials



  • You can’t highlight with the free version


UniPDF Converter



In a business setting, being efficient is key. UniPDF is one of the simplest PDF to Word conversion software currently in the market. Unlike most software which has a cartoony interface, UniPDF doesn’t confuse you with multiple colors. Once you open the software, you get the home and settings options.


After you add a PDF to convert to Word, you then can proceed with the process. Here, you’re also able to attain more information about the PDF document. This entails the size, pages, status, and selected pages. On the selected pages area, you can opt to convert a few pages instead of the entire document.


On the same screen, you have the output format. Word is always the first option available. Therefore, you won’t have any problems with this. Having everything properly labeled means that you convert PDF documents to Word for free.



  • Free to use
  • Simple UI
  • Drag and drop support
  • Batch file conversion
  • Page selection support



  • You need to select a Word preset always before converting


Nuance Power PDF Converter

Having a familiar interface makes it easier for anyone to use the software. If you’re conversant with Microsoft Office, you’ll love Nuance Power. The interface mimics that of Office, thus ensuring that you won’t have to learn anything new. More so, it makes your PDF to Microsoft Word conversions easier.


The intuitive interface ensures that even a new user will be able to convert their PDF documents. The Word output option ensures that you’re able to edit PDF documents. Through this, you can remove, change or add information to the Word document. More so, being able to retain the fonts is possible with Nuance Power.


That is, if you like the font on the PDF, you won’t lose it upon conversion. If you don’t, you can change it after you’ve converted the PDF to Word. If you have tons of PDF documents on your PC, you can search them from the toolbar. Thus ensuring that you don’t spend much time looking for all the PDFs that you’d like to convert to Word.



  • Simple UI
  • Search bar available in the menu
  • Cheaper compared to the competition
  • Quick PDF to Word conversion
  • Seamless Microsoft Office integration



  • Lacks mobile support

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Final Take


After going through the stated software, you’ll be able to find the best for your PDF to Microsoft Word conversion needs. If you’re looking for free software, most of these have trial versions. With these, you can learn how to use the software without spending a dime. More so, you’ll ensure that you don’t wind up making the wrong decision.


For the paid software, you’ll attain value for your money. Software like WPS might be cheaper compared to Nuance. However, the experience and functionality should be amongst the factors to consider when choosing.